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All specialties in the fitness industry need continuning education. That is a fact.

Every personal trainer, group exercise/yoga/pilates instructor, CrossFit coach, Strength coach, physical therapist, athletic trainer etc. needs to fulfill a certain number of hours of continuing education every couple years.

If you need CEU's, and don't want to waste money on low quality course then going to a live seminar or conference. Unfortunalty, if you just stumbled on our site you know how hard it is to find events near you.

You would have to go to the websites you know, and look through their events one by one, and site by site.

I want to put a stop to that. So you can use your time with greater efficiency, and actually attend events you want to go to regardless if they they are close to you or across the country. With our Personal raining seminar maps you can plan your events and travel schedule in advance.